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TGSA - Fiday May 27, 2011 / April 5, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011 April 5, 2011-Coprus Christi Texas- The Texas Gulf Surfing Association is pleased to announce that the new exhibit opening of the Texas Surf Museum debuting in June will be titled, “TOP GUNS OF TEXAS:

The New Millenium of TGSA”. Texas Surf Museum will honor the most decorated TGSA State Champions from the entire Texas coast of the last decade as well as the future up and coming talent currently emerging within the TGSA.
The new exhibit will not only cover each champion’s titles, but also a short bio, their industry sponsors, team affiliation, and long term goals within the sport.
TGSA couldn’t be happier that the Texas Surf Museum curators recognize the importance of competition along the Texas Gulf Coast that TGSA provides. By honoring our athlete’s hard work and dedication to the sport, visitors to the museum will be pleasantly surprised to see how much talent Texas has produced in the last decade, as well as the solid surfing platform TGSA has provided since 1988.

website- http://www.surftgsa.org/

Category: Surfing Events