Graham’s Harbour Iguana & Seabird National Park (GHISNP) is internationally recognized as a key biodiversity area. Located on San Salvador Island, this national park spans 5,500 acres and supports the largest colonies of iguanas and seabirds in The Bahamas.

San Salvador’s Rock Iguanas are among the rarest lizards in the world. These lizards are only found on San Salvador and the surrounding cays. This makes Graham Harbour a vital role in protecting the largest remaining population of the endangered Rock Iguanas. Bahamian and international laws make it illegal to capture, remove or harm rock iguanas.

GHISNP is also home to the highest diversity of nesting seabirds in The Bahamas. Over 14 species of seabirds breed in the Bahamas, including magnificent frigatebirds, several species of booby, terns, and tropicbirds. The park boundaries incorporate Cato, Gaulin and White Rock Cay which make ideal nesting sites for migrating sea birds.

Extensive seagrass beds and reef system, important for fisheries, are also home to Graham’s Harbour. The park contains the most stable and extensive seagrass meadows around San Salvador. Anyone who enjoys conch should appreciate that, as this treat is associated with seagrass. This protected bush and healthy reef system, including the critically endangered Elkhorn coral, are home to an abundance of nature.

Things To Do:

  • Bird watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Picnicking
  • Boat tours

This park has little infrastructure and trail systems, there is no one on guard. The park is only accessible by boat. Anyone with mobility impairments and those in wheelchairs will have difficulty accessing the park, because you have to travel by small boat. Also, the cay is rocky and there is no ramp access.

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