When in Maui, indulge in Aloha by visiting Kimo’s for Hula Pie. This delicious treat was originally created in 1977 at Kimo’s, located on Front Street in Lahaina. Hula Pie is made from their favorite macadamia nut ice cream, stacked high on a delicious cookie crust. Cool chocolate fudge sits on top giving its delightful form. Fluffy whipped cream surrounds the pie like a dancing hula skirt, inviting you to indulge more. Hot chocolate fudge is then poured over top, drizzling to each side, with more toasted macadamia nuts to top this slice of Aloha. Enjoy all on your own or share with your loved one. Originally from Kimo’s, the famous Hula Pie can also be found at all TS Restaurants, which owns several eateries in the islands. In gratitude for the company’s roots in Hawaii, T S honors the importance of aloha and community through the Legacy of Aloha Foundation, founded in 2019. For more information or to donate, see Legacy Of Aloha.

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