Sip Sip, the best place on Harbour Island (or Briland, as the locals call it) for lunch and drinks. Sip Sip’s name comes from two Briland pastimes, drinking and gossiping. Chef and owner Julie Lightbourn uses whatever is fresh, local, and in season to create “Bahamian with a twist” dishes, so check what daily specials are on the blackboard. The decadent lobster quesadilla is life changing and be sure to try her signature conch and white -bean chili.

Harbour Island is a three-mile-long cay off Eleuthera and is packed with old-fashioned Caribbean charm and incredibly friendly Bahamians. This paradise is very relaxed. Guests use golf carts and bikes to get around the quiet streets lined with stunning colonial buildings, adding to the island’s easy going vibe.

Stop by for a little “sip sip” in this laid-back, friendly environment and enjoy great cocktails and food while admiring Harbour Island’s beautiful beaches and people.

Sip Sip; Dunmore Town Bahamas on Harbour Island