During your visit to the Exuma Bahmas, there is a natural wonder hidden in an unassuming rock, waiting for you to discover its magic. A short boat ride west from Staniel Cay takes you to Thunderball Grotto. This magical oasis is made up of an extensive cave system that has been hallowed out by the ocean waters. Divers and snorkelers can marvel at its beauty and abundant sea life, with the sun’s rays illuminating the water below through the natural skylights. With light coming in from every direction, you will be able to admire coral reefs, fish as well as the stunning scenery inside the grotto. A short dip underwater allows snorkelers easy access to the grotto during low tied. During high tied, there are strong currents and diving equipment is required for access.



This magical grotto got its name from the James Bond movie Thunderball (1965) which was featured in the film. Other favorite flicks filmed at the grotto include Bonds Never Say Never Again (1983), Ron Howard’s Splash (Daryl Hannah as a mermaid) and Into the Blue, starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker.




Visitors are welcomed to admire the grotto’s beauty, but touching coral or breaking off coral or any other flora is strictly forbidden.  Thunderball Grotto and two of the surrounding islands, are protected by the Bahamas National Trust. Please admire this natural beauty but do not touch!